TP-Link Default Login – Username, Password and IP Address

Detected IP Address

Local IP Address:
Admin Router Login
Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

Default logins for TP-Link

IP Address:

TP-Link Router Login Changing your router’s TP-Link password is a very simple way to minimize security vulnerabilities and keep your network secure. With this guide, you can learn everything from connecting to a network to changing passwords. With this article you will learn what you need to know about your TP-Link brand manager.

But first we must make sure that you are connected to the TP-Link Network.

To connect to the login page on the TP-Link routers, you must connect to a TP-Link router. Note, however, that you must be connected to the Internet with an active TP-Link connection to continue. You can connect with a laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop pc.

TP-Link Login Steps

  1. Connect to the TP-Link Network
    First, you must connect to the network that allows you to access the TP-Link login IP address and control panel. To connect to the TP-Link network, you can choose a wireless or wired connection.

    However, if you do not know the Wi-Fi password, you have to connect to the network using an Ethernet cable. In this way, you do not need a password. Please note that when you use this cable connection, you do not need to access the internet, all we need is a physical cable connection.

  2. Connect to the TP-Link Router IP via Browser
    Let’s start by opening the browser you usually use. You must first enter the IP address of the router or the TP-Link login IP address in the address bar. The most commonly used IP addresses for TP-Link router logon are and To access your router’s specified TP-Link login addresses, you must click the links below.

    Suppose none of these IP addresses worked as your TP-Link login IP address, you will find a special list below for the different router models we offer you. Or you can try visiting the TP-Link login network website as another option. Since you already have a network connection to the TP-Link server, we recommend using any online tool to find the router IP.

  3. Enter the Login Details
    When you open the correct TP-Link server, you will see the TP-Link login client name and password fields. If so, enter the current TP-Link login manager client name and password. If not, you can refer to the default login at the bottom of the router and log in effectively to your TP-Link router.

    You can also check the TP-Link router for a tag with a TP-Link login administrator user name and password. After logging in, you will see the TP-Link web interface or control panel.


  • Reset your TP-Link Router
    Carefully follow the steps below to begin the reset process for your TP-Link brand router. It doesn’t matter how many times you press the reset button, you must press the reset button for the right time, otherwise it will not help. 30-30-30 Router reset is valid for almost all types of routers, regardless of manufacturer.

    Locate the Reset Button

    You can find the reset button on the back or bottom of your TP-Link router. It is probably hidden in a hole to prevent users from accidentally pressing the settings back to the factory settings. On some models, the button may also come out.

    In any case, you must find the button and proceed to the next step.

    Press & Hold the Reset Button

    With the router turned on, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. Without releasing the button, turn off the power supply and hold it for another 30 seconds. While still holding the TP-Link reset button, turn the power on and hold for another 30 seconds.

    Congratulations, you have successfully reset your TP-Link router to the factory settings.

  • TP-Link Router Still Not Working
    If your router continues to have trouble after performing the 30-30-30 reset ritual, we recommend that you send the router to a technical service for corrections or purchase another one. This will allow you to stay connected to a continuous network without any problems.

    There may also be another reason why you may have trouble connecting to your router after a reset. You must ensure that you enter the default TP-link user name and password to log in to your router, not your specific user name and password.

  • Protect Your Wi-Fi Network
    Changing your TP-Link password is a simple way to keep your network secure. When you first use a strong password that does not change parameters such as numbers and exceptional characters, it is not difficult to understand why it is difficult to hack a network of the same type and with a secure password.
Models using TP-Link
AD7200 (Talon)admin/admin
Archer A10- -
Archer A20- -
Archer A5 v4.x- -
Archer A5 v5.xadmin/admin
Archer A6 v2.x- -
Archer A7 v5.xadmin/admin
Archer A9 v5.x- -
Archer A9 v6.x- -
Archer AX11000- -
Archer AX1500- -
Archer AX1800- -
Archer AX50- -
Archer AX6000- -
Archer C1200 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C1200 v2.xadmin/admin
Archer C1200 v3.x-
Archer C2 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C2 v3.xadmin/admin
Archer C20 v1.xadmin/admin -
Archer C20 v4.xadmin/admin -
Archer C20 v5.xadmin/admin -
Archer C20iadmin/admin -
Archer C2300 v1.x-
Archer C25 v1.xadmin/admin -
Archer C2600 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C2700 v1.x- -
Archer C28HPadmin/admin -
Archer C3150- -
Archer C3150 v2.x- -
Archer C3200admin/admin
Archer C4000 v2.x- -
Archer C5 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C5 v2.xadmin/admin
Archer C5 v4.xadmin/admin
Archer C50 v1.xadmin/admin -
Archer C50 v2.xadmin/admin -
Archer C50 v3.xadmin/admin -
Archer C50 v4.xadmin/admin
Archer C50 v5.xadmin/admin
Archer C5400 v1.xadmin/admin -
Archer C5400 v2.xadmin/admin -
Archer C5400X v1.x- -
Archer C58 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C58HP v1.x- -
Archer C59 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C59 v3.x- -
Archer C6 v2.xadmin/admin
Archer C60 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C60 v2.0admin/admin
Archer C7 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C7 v2.xadmin/admin
Archer C7 v3.xadmin/admin
Archer C7 v4.xadmin/admin
Archer C7 v5.xadmin/admin
Archer C8 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C8 v2.xadmin/admin
Archer C8 v4.x-
Archer C9 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer C9 v2.xadmin/admin
Archer C9 v4.x- -
Archer C9 v5.x- -
Archer C900 v1.1admin/admin
Archer CR500 v1.xadmin/admin -
Archer CR700 v1.xadmin/admin -
Archer CR700 v2.xadmin/admin -
Archer D50 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer D7 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer D9 v1.xadmin/admin
Archer MR200admin/admin -
Archer VR200- -
Archer VR200v- -
Archer VR2800 v1.x- -
Archer VR900 v1.0admin/admin
Archer VR900v (v1.0)admin/admin
CR1900 v1.x-
Deco E4R- -
Deco M4R- -
Deco M5-
Deco M9 Plus V1- -
Deco P7 v1.x- -
Deco X10- -
EC330-G5u v1.x- -
HC220-G1- -
M53- -
SR20admin/admin -
TC-W7960 v1.0admin/admin -
TD-W8901G v1.xadmin/admin
TD-W8901G v3.xadmin/admin
TD-W8901G v6.xadmin/admin
TD-W8901N v1admin/admin
TD-W8901N v2admin/admin
TD-W8901N v3admin/admin
TD-W8951ND v3admin/admin
TD-W8951ND v4admin/admin
TD-W8951ND v5admin/admin
TD-W8951ND v6admin/admin
TD-W8960N v1.xadmin/admin
TD-W8960N v3.xadmin/admin
TD-W8960N v4.xadmin/admin
TD-W8960N v5.xadmin/admin
TD-W8961NB v3.0admin/admin
TD-W8961ND v1.xadmin/admin
TD-W8961ND v2.xadmin/admin
TD-W8961ND v3.xadmin/admin
TD-W8968 v1admin/admin
TD-W8968 v2admin/admin
TD-W8968 v3admin/admin
TD-W8970 v1admin/admin
TD-W8970 v3admin/admin
TD-W8980 v1admin/admin
TD-W89841N v4.0admin/admin
TD-W9970 v1admin/admin
TD-W9970 v2admin/admin
TD-W9980 v1.xadmin/admin -
TD851W v2.xadmin/admin
TGR1900 (Google OnHub)- -
TL-MR11U- -
TL-MR3020- -
TL-MR3020 v3.x- -
TL-MR3040 v1.xadmin/admin
TL-MR3040 v2.xadmin/admin
TL-MR3220 v1admin/admin
TL-MR3220 v2admin/admin
TL-MR3420 v1admin/admin
TL-MR3420 v2admin/admin
TL-WDR4900 v1admin/admin
TL-WDR4900 v2admin/admin
TL-WDR6500- -
TL-WDR7500 v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WDR7500 v6.0admin/admin
TL-WDR8500 v1.x- -
TL-WDR8600- -
TL-WR1041N v2admin/admin
TL-WR1043N v5.xadmin/admin
TL-WR1043ND v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR1043ND v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WR1043ND v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR1043ND v4.xadmin/admin
TL-WR2543ND v1admin/admin
TL-WR340 v1.3admin/admin
TL-WR340 v2.2admin/admin
TL-WR340 v2.3admin/admin
TL-WR340 v4.0admin/admin
TL-WR340G v3- -
TL-WR541G v6.xadmin/admin
TL-WR541G v7.xadmin/admin
TL-WR542G v6.5admin/admin
TL-WR543G v2.0- -
TL-WR641G v3.4admin/admin
TL-WR642G v3.5admin/admin
TL-WR642G v3.6admin/admin
TL-WR703N v1.0admin/admin
TL-WR710N v1.0admin/admin
TL-WR720N- -
TL-WR720N v2- -
TL-WR740N v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR740N v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WR740N v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR740N v4.xadmin/admin
TL-WR740N v5.xadmin/admin
TL-WR740N v6.xadmin/admin
TL-WR741ND v1.6admin/admin
TL-WR741ND v1.9admin/admin
TL-WR741ND v2.4admin/admin
TL-WR741ND v3.1- -
TL-WR741ND v4.3admin/admin
TL-WR743ND v1.1admin/admin
TL-WR745N v1.0admin/admin
TL-WR802N v1.0-
TL-WR802N v2.x-
TL-WR802N v4.x-
TL-WR810N v1.1admin/admin
TL-WR810N v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WR840N v1 (China only?)- -
TL-WR840N v1admin/admin
TL-WR840N v2admin/admin
TL-WR840N v3admin/admin
TL-WR840N v4admin/admin
TL-WR840N v5admin/admin
TL-WR840N v6admin/admin
TL-WR841HP v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841HP v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841HP v5.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841N (RO) v11- -
TL-WR841N v1.5- -
TL-WR841N v10.x- -
TL-WR841N v11.x- -
TL-WR841N v13.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841N v14.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841N v7.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841N v8.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841N v9.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841ND v10.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841ND v11.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841ND v3.0admin/admin
TL-WR841ND v5.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841ND v7.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841ND v8.xadmin/admin
TL-WR841ND v9.xadmin/admin
TL-WR842N v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR842ND v1.xadmin/admin -
TL-WR842ND v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WR843N v2.x- -
TL-WR845N v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR845N v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR849N(BR) v4.0admin/admin
TL-WR849N(BR) v6.0admin/admin
TL-WR882N v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR886N v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR902AC v1.x- -
TL-WR902AC v3.x- -
TL-WR940N v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR940N v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WR940N v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR940N v4.xadmin/admin
TL-WR940N v6.xadmin/admin
TL-WR941HP v1.xadmin/admin
TL-WR941ND v1.0admin/admin
TL-WR941ND v2.xadmin/admin
TL-WR941ND v3.xadmin/admin
TL-WR941ND v4.xadmin/admin
TL-WR941ND v5.xadmin/admin
TL-WR941ND v6.xadmin/admin
Touch P5admin/admin
Information about the router brands and models is obtained from DD-WRT.