What Is My Proxy?

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Local IP Address:
Admin Router Login
Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

What Is My IP Address?

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Local IP Address: -
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Companies often need a central proxy server to control traffic on the Internet. In this way, they can block unwanted sites, as well as popular web sites by checking the bandwidth setting provides a faster browsing experience.

To put it simply for everyone to understand, a proxy server is useful for controlling the gateway between you and your Internet service. The tool acts as a server task and allows you to distinguish between the websites you browse.

If you need to evaluate it from a technical point of view, the proxy server is actually a firewall and allows you to cache data to speed up your searches on the Internet.

How Does A Proxy Server Work?

One of the main tasks of the so-called proxy server is to handle the requests for an internet resource. The proxy server can then find the local cache of the previous pages and send it back to you to complete their tasks.

If your internet connection is fast enough, this task will be completed in a few seconds. But if as many pages as needed are not in the user’s cache, the proxy server acts as the agent and uses its own IP address. As soon as the page returns to the proxy server, it forwards the user to the user, thus completing the task.

We recommend that you also use a proxy server if you want to provide secure access.

Why Do You Need A Proxy?

  • A proxy server is a system designed to allow companies and similar organizations and parents to monitor and control what their employees or children are doing. Therefore, you can restrict or completely block access to specific sites by configuring the proxy server and denying access.
  • It may be useful to use a proxy server if you want to access restricted websites. Some websites may be restricted by corporations or government policies. To circumvent this situation, you can try logging in from a different location on your proxy server; for example, if a particular website is blocked in the state of Nevada, you may be able to enter it by changing your proxy’s location setting to another state.
  • Many users prefer to remain hidden on the Internet; an intermediary server allows them to do so along these lines by continuously requesting benefits for the sites it needs to review, in order not to deliver the region where the request begins.
Pro Tips

  • A good proxy server is capable of caching the websites you use often, saving you bandwidth and increasing your internet speed.
  • At the same time, a good server helps to protect your Internet for you and to ensure a tighter security; blocks malicious software from entering the server.

As intermediary servers keep on getting progressively mainstream, clients are getting progressively careful about where their internet utilization. The absolute most normal inquiries that we field are: what is my intermediary server and what is my intermediary port.

Therefore, we have prepared a complete device to help you identify your intermediary IP address. Just What Is My Proxy? Not only does it let you know if you’re accessing the Internet through the Agent, it also lets you take advantage of the subtleties of your server.

Information that you can access using our proxy tool:

  • Your proxy provider
  • Your IP address
  • Your local IP address
  • Your hostname
  • Your proxy location
  • Your browser
  • Your ISP

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