Recovering Router User and Password

Forgetting the router’s username and password is a problem that can happen to any user. People who do not know about administrators can never learn the default login information of the router.

Using the Router’s Default Username and Password

In this part of the article we will explain the easiest and most reliable solution to find the default username and password of the router. All routers come with either a clearly specified default username and password, either documented or most commonly with a label on the router itself or a sticker. They are usually located on the back or bottom surface of the router.

Find the Default Username and Password

Having trouble finding the label or documentation with the router’s default login? If so, use the drop-down menu below and look for your router in the list provided to you. By searching your router’s serial number or model number, you can search the default login information in our database or easily find it on the manufacturer’s website.

Perform a Factory Reset

Can’t you find the default user and password every time you try? Don’t rush. If you’ve changed your password or username before and forgot new information, there’s a quick way to reset the router easily. If you reset the router to the factory settings, the default login and password will automatically return to access the router’s interface. The reset button we need to return to the factory settings is usually very small and can sometimes be difficult to find. A pin, pencil tip or other fine article to suppress will help you. Once you find this little button, just hold it down for about 15 seconds, then your router will reset its interface.

Forward Ports Without a Password

Alternatively, you can use Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) to route ports without knowing the router’s password. If you have an UPnP-enabled router, it will automatically open the required ports on its own. We recommend that you use UPnP PortMapper to forward the ports you want. Beware, this is a more complex solution than others and can be difficult for beginners.