Linksys Default Login – Username, Password and IP Address

Detected IP Address

Local IP Address:
Admin Router Login
Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

Default logins for Linksys

IP Address:
IP Address:

Linksys Router Login Are you having technical problems connecting to the Internet and staying connected? If so, we recommend resetting your Linksys router. If the reset does not work, you can get technical assistance from the manufacturer’s customer service. We recommend that you try the reset option before calling, which is obviously quite easy.

About Linksys

Linksys routers probably produce the best models available and are at their peak. Thanks to this manufacturer’s products, customers do not experience a difficult situation when trying to install the device in various situations. Various Linksys models support wired and wireless configurations using a versatile pick-up device.

What is the Linksys Web Interface?

One of the most popular features of Linksys brand routers is the use of a web-based interface for router setup and configuration. This web-based interface will allow you to access the control panel after entering the default password and user name of the Linksys brand routers.

Note: You must remember that you need an active Wi-Fi connection to access the control panel. If you do not have an available wireless network, we recommend that you connect your device to the router using an ethernet cable.

Linksys Login Steps

  1. Connect to the Networ
    You can use any device you want to connect to your Linksys network, such as laptop, computer. You do not need a cable for wireless network connections, but you will need an ethernet cable for a wired connection. If you are unsure of the default password for your Linksys router, we recommend that you connect to it using an ethernet cable.

    To access the setup page, the device you are trying to connect to must be connected to the Linksys network. Before proceeding to the next step, you must ensure that you are absolutely connected to the network.

  2. Navigate to the Router IP Address
    Open your favorite browser and enter the default IP of Linksys brand routers in the address bar. The most well-known Linksys Router IP is and In his spare time, you can tap the links provided to transfer you directly to specific Router IP addresses.

    If the IP addresses we have provided above don’t work for your router model, see the Linksys default IP list for the different models we’ve prepared for you in this article. Because you’re connected to the Linksys network, we’ve provided the default router IP for your specific model below for you.

  3. Enter the Linksys Router Credentials
    Linksys brand routers Web Interface can be entered, mainly “Router Password”. However, this may not be exactly the same for various models. You may need to enter the Linksys router default login data to access the control panel. This includes both the User Name and the User password.

    If you are not familiar with the Linksys login system, we have an answer. Search this page to find your model’s Linksys default password and username.

    The correct username and password are printed in the same way and on a label on the base or side of your Linksys router.

    When you sign in, you’ll be given the Linksys Web Interface or Control Panel. You can still configure your Linksys router and even reset the Linksys router across the board.

Useful Info

  • Configuring Your Linksys Router
    After logging in to your router’s admin interface, you can customize your current settings for your Linksys brand device. You should not compromise the network connection when configuring the device.
  • How to Prevent Jeopardizing Your Linksys Router?
    To undo any changes, you must save the current settings before any configuration. When you want to disconnect from the Linksys network, you should try the reset method if everything fails.
  • How to Reset Your Linksys Router
    If you no longer have a chance, and you need to reset the Linksys router, you should use one of the two methods we offer you.

    First Method

    • You should find the Linksys router reset button. It may not be positioned similarly for various models.
    • Using a thin tool, such as a toothpick or a paperclip, press and hold the button for at least 15 seconds. If the factory reset does not start, you must press and hold the button for another 30 seconds.
    • If you are having trouble finding the reset button, take a look at the manual that came in the router’s box.

    Second Method

    To use this method, your device must not lose its network connection.

    • You must first log in to the Linksys brand router’s admin interface.
    • If the page prompts you for an email address, select ın click here for local access. This will only lead you to the password login page.
    • After completing the login process, you must restore the settings to their original settings (assuming you have noted them).
    • If you want to reset the device to factory settings, you must open the factory settings menu and select the reset option.

    Flashing the power LED indicates that you have effectively reset your Linksys brand router. If you have changed the password and user name, you will now need to use the default login strategy.


Linksys, one of the largest router manufacturers, guarantees good quality. To establish a protected relationship to sign in to Linksys, you must maintain the standard agreement. Perform Linksys’ default password and IP for your model to log in to the admin control panel.

Models using Linksys
BEFW11S4 v1-
BEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375)-
BEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375P)-
BEFW11S4 v3.0-
BEFW11S4 v3.2-
BEFW11S4 v4 (r1, Taiwan)-
BEFW11S4 v4 (r2, China)-
CG2P2WB- -
E1000 v1-
E1000 v2.0-
E1000 v2.1-
E1200 v1-
E1200 v2-
E1700- -
E2500 v1-
E2500 v2admin/admin
E2500 v3admin/admin
E2500 v4- -
E4200 v1-
E4200 v2admin/admin
E5300- -
E5350- -
E5400- -
EA2750 v1.3admin/admin
EA4500 v1 (Cisco)admin/admin
EA4500 v3admin/admin
EA6100- -
EA6300 v0.1- -
EA6300 v1- -
EA6350- -
EA6350 v2- -
EA6350 v3-
EA6400- -
EA6500 v1-
EA6500 v2admin/admin
EA6700- -
EA6900 v1.0admin/admin
EA6900 v1.1- -
EA7400- -
EA7400 v2-
EA7500- -
EA8100- -
EA8250- -
EA8300- -
EA8500- -
EA9200- -
EA9300- -
EA9400 v1- -
EA9400 v2- -
EA9500 v1- -
EA9500 v1.1- -
EA9500 v2- -
SVR200- -
Velop (WHW01)-
Velop (WHW03 V2)- -
Velop (WHW03)- -
Velop Plug-In (WHW01P)- -
WAG160N v1admin/admin
WAG160N v2admin/admin
WAG200G- -
WAG325N v1- -
WAG325N v2- -
WAG354G v1admin/admin
WAG354G v2- -
WAG54G v1.0admin/admin
WAG54G v2admin/admin
WAG54G v3- -
WAG54G2- -
WAG54GP2 v2admin/admin
WAG54GX2- -
WCG104- -
WCG200 v1-
WCG200 v2-
WCG200-CC v1 (Comcast)comcast/1234
WCGP200- -
WCGP200B2- -
WPS54G v1- -
WPS54G v2- -
WPS54GU2- -
WPSM54G v1.0- -
WPSM54G v1.1- -
WRH54G- -
WRK54G v1.0-
WRK54G v1.1- -
WRK54G v2-
WRK54G v3- -
WRT1200AC v1- -
WRT1200AC v2- -
WRT150N v1.0-
WRT150N v1.1-
WRT160N v1.0-
WRT160N v1.1-
WRT160N v2-
WRT160N v3-
WRT1900AC v1-
WRT1900AC v2- -
WRT1900ACS- -
WRT300N v1.0-
WRT300N v1.1-
WRT300N v2- -
WRT310N v1-
WRT310N v2admin/admin
WRT320N v1-
WRT350N v1-
WRT350N v2-
WRT54G v1.0-
WRT54G v1.1-
WRT54G v2.0-
WRT54G v2.2-
WRT54G v3.0-
WRT54G v3.1-
WRT54G v4.0-
WRT54G v5.0-
WRT54G v6.0-
WRT54G v7.0-
WRT54G v7.2- -
WRT54G v8.0-
WRT54G v8.1- -
WRT54G v8.2-
WRT54G2 v1.0-
WRT54G2 v1.1- -
WRT54G2 v1.3-
WRT54G2 v1.5-
WRT54G3G v1.0- -
WRT54GC v1-
WRT54GC v2- -
WRT54GC v3- -
WRT54GL v1.0-
WRT54GL v1.1-
WRT54GR v1.0-
WRT54GR v1.1-
WRT54GS v1.0-
WRT54GS v1.1-
WRT54GS v2.0-
WRT54GS v2.1-
WRT54GS v3-
WRT54GS v4-
WRT54GS v5.0-
WRT54GS v5.1-
WRT54GS v6.0-
WRT54GS v7.0-
WRT54GS v7.2-
WRT54GX v1-
WRT54GX v2-
WRT54GX2 v1-
WRT54GX2 v2-
WRT55AG v1-
WRT55AG v2-
WRT600N v1.0-
WRT600N v1.1-
WRT610N v1-
WRT610N v2-
WRV200- -
WRV210- -
WRV54G v1- -
WRV54G v2- -
WRVS4400N v1.0admin/admin
WRVS4400N v1.1admin/admin
WRVS4400N v2.0admin/admin
WTR54GS v1-
WTR54GS v2.0-
WTR54GS v2.1- -
X1000- -
X2000 v1- -
X2000 v2admin/admin
Information about the router brands and models is obtained from DD-WRT.