– Login Admin IP Address

To access the admin page type into your web browser's address bar or click on the link below.


Detected IP Address

Local IP Address:
Admin Router Login
Based on your local ip address, this should be your router admin ip address. This is only the case if you are in the same network as your wifi router.

Default logins for

IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
IP Address:
password Login Steps

  1. First, you should check if your connection is made correctly and the Power, WAN, LAN and WLAN lights are on. The power light should be steady. The three consecutive lights or diodes must then flash continuously. After making sure that you have successfully performed a setup, proceed to the following steps.
  2. You should usually open the web browser you use and type the IP address If you see an error message, 192.168.10.l is not the correct IP address of your router. You should check for spelling errors, you may have written a letter instead of a number. Sometimes, your browser’s auto-complete feature may mislead you. This article describes how to find the correct IP address for your router.
  3. If you don’t remember your username and password, you can recover your data with these simple steps.
  4. If you have never changed your username and password before, you can find your default data in our list of default router user names and passwords.
  5. When you access the router’s admin interface, you can configure your router to suit your needs.


  • Invalid IP Address
    Entering IP addresses is not difficult. If you enter any incorrect digits or an unwanted character, it will take you to an error page or there will be no action. To maintain the strategic distance from this wrong step, simply reorder the IP address to the address bar. No one else can guarantee that you have entered the correct IP address.
  • Missing Ethernet Cable
    Most routers manufactured by various brands require a physical connection before accessing the admin panel Ethernet cables are the most common and simplest physical connection path used to access a router’s IP address. Connecting the computer to the router with the cable is very simple and takes only a few seconds.
  • Faulty Router
    If you are still having trouble connecting to, your router is not working as it should. If any component is not in the right place, it may damage the complications of these complex devices. We recommend contacting your router manufacturer to eliminate this possibility. Note, however, that not all manufacturers use the 192 168 10.1 IP Address.

What Does a IP Address Do?

Having trouble accessing web pages even though you’re online? Is the problem caused by your ISP or something about your router?

When trying to identify the problem with your router, you should start by looking at your private IP address.

What is the use of the IP Address?

In today’s age there are more than 26 billion devices connected to the Internet and active. However, a total of 4 billion IP addresses are available, because every device connected to the Internet does not have to be an IP address.–A Private IP Address

The difference between public IP addresses and private IP addresses is due to the access restriction. If a public IP address does not follow a strict protocol, access to a private IP address becomes more difficult.

192 168 10.1 is a specific type of address that should not be created with an IP address restriction. Unlike open addresses, there are many devices with IP addresses in different private networks. The main wide angle is to maintain a strategic distance from IP Address crash on a similar private network. 192 168 10.1 You use a system called NAT to remap the IP Address. Simply put, is an address used by manufacturers to gain access to the admin panel of their routers.

Internet Service Providers are switching to a more up to date form of the Internet Protocol, which may consider the current addresses out of date. The IPv6 contains 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 exceptional IP addresses.

In short, address gives you access to the administrator panel of a router. Many router manufacturers use the address for home networks. Even if you buy it from manufacturers like TRENDnet, D-Link or Motorola, you’re likely to encounter this problem.

Getting Connected

  • You should disconnect the modem from the power supply.
  • You should connect an ethernet cable on the back of the your modem.
  • You should connect the “WAN” jack on the back of the your wireless router.
  • You should Connect another ethernet cable to the “LAN” jack on the back of the router and connect it to your computer.
  • You should connect cable your modem and your router to an electrical outlet.
  • You should Turn the power button on the back of your device to POWER ON position.
Models using
-WR1000 V1admin/admin

-DSR-1000AC rev A1admin/admin
-DSR-1000N rev A1admin/admin
-DSR-150N A2admin/admin


Fon Wireless






-WR850G v2admin/motorola
-WR850G v3admin/motorola






-11AC NAS Routeradmin/DZY-W2914NSV2
-W2914NS v2admin/DZY-W2914NSV2



Information about the router brands and models is obtained from DD-WRT.