Find Router IP Address

To access the router interface and change your router settings, you must first provide user input on your router. You cannot do this without knowing your current IP address. If you do not know your default router IP address, use this article. Your IP address will consist of four numbers separated by periods. IP addresses used in home networks usually start with 192.168. Routers usually have IP addresses, such as or The method of finding the IP address your router applies varies depending on the device or computer you are using as the router. In the following steps, we’ll talk about topics that will help you find your IP address.

Windows Router Setup Guide

For Windows users, this process is actually quite simple.

  • Let’s get started, first you need to open the ‘command prompt’. You should press the Windows button, then type ‘cmd’ in the search bar to access the ‘command prompt’.
  • Now you will see a black window. Please type the following here, ‘ipconfig’. Now you will see some information on the screen; you should browse the results and note the ‘default gateway address’.

MacOS Router Setup Guide

We will now tell you the simplest ways to check your router’s IP for MAC users.

  • First, you must click the ‘Apple menu’ in the upper left corner of your screen, then select ‘System Preferences’.
  • In the next step, you must click the ‘Network’ icon and select the corresponding network connection. After that, you should click on the ‘Advanced’ button, where we will find the IP address in this menu.
  • You Should tap the ‘TCP/IP’ tab to find the IP address on the right side of the router.

Linux Router Setup Guide

In this part of our article, Linux users will explain this process as simple as possible.

  • First, explore to ‘Applications,’ at that point ‘Framework Tools,’ lastly, ‘Terminal.’
  • Once the ‘Terminal’ has been accessed, type in ‘ipconfig.’
  • You will see your router’s IP address recorded adjacent to ‘inet addr.’

iPhone iOS Router Setup Guide

Pursue these simple advances on the off chance that you are an iPhone iOS device.

  • If the current version of your device is iOS9 or iOS8, you must first enter the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • In the second step, you must click the ‘WiFi’ tab and find the wireless network that your phone is currently connected to. Then click OK.
  • Enter the WiFi settings and look for ‘DHCP’, where you can easily see the IP address of your router.

Android Router Setup Guide

For devices with Android, this may seem a bit more complicated, but it’s easy to follow.

  • The third-party application called ‘Wi-Fi Analyzer’, used on devices with Android operating systems, is the easiest way for Android devices to access their IP addresses. Please download this app before continuing.
  • In the wake of introducing the application, tap the ‘View’ menu and select ‘AP list’. Here you will see ‘Associated: [Network Name]. On the off chance that you tap this, a window opens and shows your network’s data, including your router’s IP address.

Chrome OS Router Setup Guide

If you’re using a Chrome OS device, here are the steps to find your IP address.

  • While on the Home screen, you should find the taskbar and click the notification area. Then, you should click ‘Connect with [Network Name]’ in the list that appears.
  • Then please find the name of your wireless network and click the ‘Network’ tab to view the results. On the following page, you will simply find the IP address of your router.